Ippantivu Island Resort

Approach in design

Simplicity is the governing concept of the overall architectural design. Maximum height of the buildings will be Ground + Floor and these too will be more towards the interior of the island. Brick, Timber and clay products will be used in construction work. Cut cement, natural slates and timber flooring and paving with removable stones with in-between vegetation will strengthen this concept. Some roofs will be out of thatch and others will be sand sprayed treated steel. Common spaces will be on “Open” concept with long roof eves as protection from the weather. Locally made blinds (Pelali) will be installed to used for the rainy weather.

The shape of the island, beach towards Dutch bay side and the lagoon side, their physical differences, the vegetation pattern, high /low tide areas, the presence of a fishing community are the parameters of the design from the island itself. Vast areas of shallow waters, lagoon, deep sea suitable for diving, Wale watching, Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary- 307 km2 of Sea having most valuable rich Bio-Diversity in the vicinity, Dolphins, Ornamental fish, Sea grass beds, Sea Cucumber Collection, Sea Turtles are the resources of sustainability of the development.Ceylon Tours Ltd will Design , Build and Operate, a  Hotel Complex on Ippantivu Island considering these factors.

The design of the resort is done to cater for the attraction of the Island considering the existing features and topographical conditions. The complex essentially will be an up market Tourist  Beach Resort catering to the International Visitor.

Guest Rooms

  • Common Public areas
  • Common leisure facilities
  • Staff accommodation
  • Houses for fisher flock

Guest rooms

The rationale of building 300 rooms is to maintain the ecological balance in the Island and not over crowed the location with  built environment. There will be variety of rooms to select creating wider option to the visitor. Five percent of all types of rooms will be disable friendly.To suit the 300 hundred room other facilities like Restaurants, Bars, swimming Pools, coffee shops, spas, will be provided. All   300  Guest Rooms will be developed as Suites & the facilities to be included are, hot water, ACTV, DVD Players, wine coolers & mini bars, tea/coffee making facility, data port etc. The suite will consists of a large balcony, sleeping area, sitting, open concept toilet with vanity, W/C, shower & bath

Water bungalows

Sri Lanka has unmatched historical background in building in water. However in the leisure sector this has been restricted until recently.

The concept of water bungalows, could be introduced with the presence of shallow waters around the island. Lack of this facility in Sri Lanka has caused many tourists to get attracted to Maldives.

Two sets of water bungalows consisting of sixty units will be placed apart close to the two tips of the island. Therefore, the beach users at middle of the island where the bathing is  most suitable, will not be affected. Two Restaurants will be also located close to the water bungalows. These are expected to generate maximum income for the Resort, specially with the expected visitors from the untapped  hi- spending tourists markets.

Beach villas

Considering long undisturbed shallow beach, “Beach Villas” will be located just bordering the ten meter buffer zone, with more spacious rooms than the Water Bungalows. To have maximum privacy, they will be single story buildings but, the numbers are minimized to avoid creating a ribbon development. Two units are combined together for the same reason.

Lagoon villas

Lagoon is  a  special  attraction  for  these  islands. Maldives  which is  our biggest competitor in Resort Islands has no such  environment  and this would be capitalized. Considering this, special lagoon villas will  be  located  on  very selected positions.  These are planned  to  be two  storied purely to reduce the built up area. Balconies/verandas protected with long eves  and wall  to wall glazed openings will create a pleasing interiors.

Mangroves villas

Mangroves  are  very  special  plant species  that are very  important to the  eco system. Certainly this can  be  an attraction  to the Tourists. Mangroves villas are for this nature loving tourists and designs will be  done to suit this  concept.  They  will be located  overlooking mangroves  and the land in this part of the  island will be planted  with more  trees and the villas will be scattered to make it in  more pleasant  natural environment. A special restaurant will cater for the users of these group of villas so that the visitor can stay longer in this environment.

Cluster rooms

With presence of vast areas of corals & with the possibility of having diving as a sport, there will be tourists who will come to enjoy such interests. They will not be very much interested about the view of the sea  &  the lagoon front but, their main need would  be to stay in the Island. Considering  such Tourists  and  also  considering  tourists  with lesser  spending  capacity a  two-story  cluster type  of accommodation is also planned. These will have a standard type of hotel room but with all the luxury facilities. To make  it attractive, seawater bay is planned at the centre of the cluster. For this purpose, a projected portion of the Island on the lagoon side is selected.


There would be four  Restaurants

  • Two  Restaurants to be located in close proximity to the  Water Bungalow cluster: with capacity of each unit being 50 Guests
  • A Main Restaurant with   Capacity for 100 Guests located centrally serving A la Cart Menu and Japanese, Italian and Asian cuisine
  • The Mangrove Restaurant located within the Mangrove Villas with a Capacity for 50 Guests.

Coffee shops

There will be main coffee shop close to the reception and the another two will be located at the tip of the water bungalows

Kitchen & Stores

A most modern kitchen – Hot and Cold ,well equipped and staffed.

Swimming pools

There will be two  fresh water swimming pools with swim up bars and kiddies pool


The Bar is located  with a maximum capacity to take in 75 guests, Air Conditioned with a walk –in- wine cellar & cigar room & space for pool table.


A state of the art Gym is planned . Hydro Spa, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Room, Nail Bar and an area for  Aromatherapy are  planned. In addition,  a mud bath, a rose-petal bath and massage  therapy areas are  also planned  to  enhance  the quality of services  rendered  by  this area. Herbal  therapy, oil treatment, foot massages,  facial massage,  fomentation therapy at the hands of well trained salon personnel are planned within the Gym area. The Gym will offer packages of treatment to choose from or stand alone treatments, as the case may be. Well equipped and maintained, it is expected to  draw  both  young and old  alike,  to the complex where they need not get away from any other  leisure activity  to indulge in a spot of healthy exercising or herbal therapy.


A Spa where traditional and authentic concepts and vastu vidya  will also be incorporated.Therapy rooms and  treatments will  targeted the total Body, Mind and Sprit through physical vital factors known as dosa , dhatu mala systems and energy channels known as prana and charka system.

Shopping arcade

12 Shops to be leased out ;   will stock only branded products carrying  the best international brands. There will be exclusive health foods , brands of soap of the herbal kind., exclusive beauty salons of international repute.

Quiet corners

Planning of the Park will create areas for the book-lovers to absorb themselves in their favorite author’s fantasy, created with serenity in mind, park benches, stone slabs and outdoor benches will create areas of such quietness away from the hustle and the bustle of the activity areas .

Conference facilities / Banquet hall

To  cater to both Global and Local conferences and events.and to further serve groups ranging from 200 persons to 300 persons  requiring Banqueting facilities

Sports facility

A  mini  golf course  and  a jogging track  will  be developed .  Squash court, a  tennis court  will be located in close proximity to each other with changing rooms and toilets. An  Archery  Range would be  built  strategically  located. This area will be linked with the fresh water pool to create  a complete sports center. Apart from said  activities such as beach volley ball could be introduced if guest in the vicinity is not disturbed. In keeping with the land  use pattern all  these leisure  activities will be located  on  northern side of the island. Even the fisherman will be relocated with new houses at this end separating them with the resort with thick vegetation.

Nature walks

With the increase of vegetation, southern tip will have nature walk paths planned for the nature loving visitors.


An independent administration block to be Air Conditioned ,to include GM’s office , RM’s Office and front office

Safe sea pool

A special safe swimming enclosure will be demarcated in the main swimming area to create a sense of security for the children & for feeble users. This will help to keep them in a specific location. To support this concept one of the  fresh water pools is  planned within this perimeter.

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